Cell Phone Service

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Cell phone service - Pre-paid or standard

Your two choices for a cell phone service are the pre-paid and the standard. Both have good and bad points and you also need to choose a cell phone service provider for each which gives you the best possible deal for what you are planning to use your cell phone for.

The standard cell phone service means that you will receive a bill in your mailbox at the end of each month but it does come with rates that are a little lower than the pre-paid cell phone service. However you can run up quite a huge bill if you are not careful so if you have to budget what you pay out each month then the standard cell phone service might not be suitable for your needs. If it is then you should also take a look at what each cell phone service provider offers. They will compete against each other by offering packages, one package could include so many minutes free if you pay so much a month for your cell phone service while others could throw in a mixture of both free texts and minutes.

If you want to keep an eye on the amount of money you spend on your cell phone service then you need to consider a pre-paid cell phone service. This allows you to put a certain amount of money on your cell phone and then when you have used this up you have to credit the phone again. This is an excellent way to keep down the costs of using a cell phone service and is a great choice when giving a phone to teenagers. The downside is that the cost of calls per minute is usually higher than a standard cell phone service.

Whether you choose a standard cell phone service or a pre-paid cell phone service you are often able to add what are called bundles onto the deal. If you choose a pre-paid cell phone service then the bundle will be deducted from the amount you credit onto the phone. If you choose a standard cell phone service then you will pay for the bundle when the bill comes each month. Usually cell phone service providers will offer you the chance to take out texts cheaper or a bundle for going online with your phone.

Cell phones today have the ability to do much more than just allow you to make calls and text, you are able to go online and chat using one of the instant messaging programs, you can send and receive e-mails to the phone and you are able to browse the web and download. If you are planning on using the internet a lot on your phone then it can be worth taking a package that allows you so many minutes per month online for a fixed price. This is one of the cheapest ways to go online with your phone as without a package you are charged per kilobyte for the time you spend online.